CitiSpi Review: Qwerty

My friend and I have been waiting to try out the new Qwerty restaurant. We have been hearing a lot of buzz about it but diaries hadn’t allowed.  As always as it gets nearer to Ramadan time pressure eases up so here was our chance.  Z:One its predecessor had been an after work favourite so it made sense that Qwerty could follow in its place. We were excited to see the new look and wanted to give it a try. Tuesdays as always given its Ladies Night is also another reason to visit. 


We were greeted as always by the welcoming team, seated and provided our three drinks vouchers. We love the new look, the sayings and cheekiness on the cushions and on the wall, its a really fresh and a perfect spot for a girlie catch up. Media One have also revamped and extended the terrace including an outdoor bar, with lots of outdoor seating to, so plenty of space come rain or shine, well here in Dubai come pleasant or hot. The DJ was playing smooth tunes, it was going to be a good night.


The ladies night drinks are served from the bar with a large ice trough. There's wine, rose, white or red plus the usual house spirits and mixers. You can dictate your drink to your hearts delight.  Choose what you like, be it a wine spritzer, spirit and mixer or your own cocktail concoction.  We preferred that option but still couldn't decide. Creating your own drink is such fun and the quality so much better to other set menu Ladies Nights drinks in other establishments which are often sticky watered down cocktails.  We opted for wine as it felt like wine evening.


We were delivered the menu by the very attentive Vadym, who served us all evening. We had been saving ourselves for tonight as we had been pouring over the menu online. It's a gastropub style restaurant with lots of culinary favourites, and the bonus it all seemed very reasonably priced too.  We are spoiled for choice as there are lots of foods we love. We started with the Garlic Prawns and the (turkey) Scotch Eggs followed by the daily special, Stuffed Poached Chicken Breast and the Burger had to be tried! 


To get us in the mood, some garlic bread rolls to start.  Literally pinwheels rolls with garlic butter on the side and they were delicious.  The butter was overzealous on the garlic as it should be.  Six juicy prawns arrived dripping in more garlic butter with four large croutons, again to maximise the amount of dipping potential. The prawns had a touch of chilli that added zing and the bread to prawn ratio was also good, don’t you hate it when you have too much bread and not enough dipping sauce or prawns?


The Scotch Eggs were lighter than the norm as they were made with turkey rather than traditional pork, but were all the more delicious for it. The eggs were cooked to perfection, really how do chefs do that? As it was sliced to serve the quails egg had just the right amount of runny to provide an element of sauce. They were served on a light bed of picked red cabbage and dinky jar of piccalilli on the side, these gave the dish balance against the density of the scotch egg. 


Just before our mains arrived we walked up to the serving bar to catch our next round of drinks, we personally liked this touch, felt more relaxed and more congenial than the usual Ladies Night set up.  Our mains then arrived and 'sharing plates' were requested as both looked great. The Poached Chicken, our healthy choice and the Burger, definitely not. The chicken rolls were stuffed with spinach and mozzarella served with ratatouille and a smattering potatoes and chargrilled asparagus. Spinach can often be overpowering but it wasn’t here, with the traditional combination with ratatouille and mozzarella were just right. The chargrilled asparagus added more depth and contrast to the dish was a very good compliment to the traditional flavours. The combination of them all was a delight and you had to try and get a little bit of all the flavours on the fork as once, which is always difficult. 


The Burger was served with fries with the usual burger accompaniments on the side rather then in the burger. The burger bun was toasted with a good sized patty between and layer of onion to compliment a burger that was already oozing with cheese, egg and beef bacon. The gherkins, lettuce, tomato and red cabbage coleslaw could be added within if you preferred. We kept the accompaniments on the side as both of us discovered that our burger preferences were quite different. We sliced the burger in two which is never a mean feat but we managed. The patty was cooked to perfection, on personal preference the onion was a little on the heavy side and we found having the sides of gherkin etc freshened the palette alongside the thickness of the burger. I am glad we shared the burger as having just the burger would have been a big meal. However I would come back for the burger alone, but I would definitely not require a starter or dessert. In fact throughout the meal the portion sizes were good especially for the price. We were full and really couldn't fit dessert in, I will save room for the Lemon Meringue Pie for next time.


The array of dishes from mains, to sharing plates to salads and starters provide a menu and venue to suit all requirements and tastes. The solid service and quality of food means there would be no complaints from any quarter. The ambiance felt more relaxed than its predecessor and it was perfect spot for a catch up with friends. I can imagine it to be a great spot for small business meetings, casual daytime or evening catch up with friends or a loved ones or a bite and drink before a rowdy night out. It feels like the venue has grown up into a smarter and cleverer space. For the price, all four dishes totalled a bill of just under AED250 for the two of us which was great value, especially given in Dubai you can very often pay the same for just one person. For those living and working near Media City it is a spot you could quite easily frequent on a regular basis. We were happy and full and it was time to go, but we are looking forward to our next trip to Qwerty, and bonus they are continuing to run Ladies Night all through Ramadan.


She3 is the Ladies Night at Qwerty and it runs every Tuesday from 7pm and you are provided three drinks vouchers. In the week, Qwerty is open for lunch 12-6pm with a special lunch menu if you prefer and dinner is served 6pm till late. If breakfast is more you thing, it is served 6.30-10.30am. Weekends breakfast is served till 11am and lunch from 1pm.  For more information you can email you can email

Have you been to Qwerty?  Are you a fan?  If not you should try it out!

Happy Saturday


The CitiSpi Team