CitiSpi Review - Iftar at Jodhpur Royal Dining

We have been very lucky to have dined at Jodhpur a few times and when CitiSpi received an invite to preview their Iftar menu - we couldn’t say no. Jodhpur Royal Dining is found at the Roda Al Murooj close to the Dubai Mall.  It is a haven of culinary greats and Chef Pradeep and his team really pour their hearts into every dish.  It is why everything tastes great.  We have been to many Iftars during Ramadan over the years but never here and we are very excited!   

We have high expectations and normally know what to expect from Iftar around Dubai.  It's the mix of delicious arabic delicacies that makes it so special. The beautiful ritual of breaking fast with dates, followed by a gorgeous spread of mezza.  You get a feeling of health with the fresh salad choice, zingy lentil soup with a  squeeze of lemon, barbecued meats and kebabs, rice dishes jewelled with pomegranates followed by sticky honey and rose water desserts.  However we knew Jodhpur would be different.


After opening just over a year ago Jodhpur has fast become a food lovers favourite and constantly receives 5 star reviews and recommendations. Indian food with flair, always the right balance of spice and heat, interesting flavour combinations that just work! I would say Jodhpur is culinary alchemy at its very best.  The excitement is rising as we look forward to an eight course feast.  The two of us sat down for a few hours of food heaven.

The feast commenced, to break fast a three date combo was delivered, dates restructured in three different guises, with rice crisps, coconut milk powder and chocolate served in a popsicle style on rocks. Dates can often be very sweet and dense but these were light and delicious. This was served alongside the amuse bouche of Chaat Macaroons which we have had before and as always they were perfect. 


To commence there were four starters, yes you read it right four starters!  We enjoyed the pulled Lamb Haleem served on a small skillet, with layers of mint raita, tamarind chutney, tomatoes, onions and potato sticks. The combination of the lamb with the texture and tastes of the other components worked, it was around 5 forks of taste heaven.  We are hard pressed to choose a favourite of the whole evening but this starter was probably up there.  


Next we had Nadru Galette which is lotus stem with lentils with raisins and walnut chutney, a Jodhpur style falafel and oh so delicious. This served as a good contrast to the pulled lamb given the difference in style and flavour. It was over too quickly but we knew there were still a number of courses to go, so didn’t fret. Mocktails were delivered to freshen the palate and they were served with great panache.  Bitter leaf mojitos, refreshing and subtly of flavour fitted perfectly with the palette and provided a lovely pairing with our food.  

Jodphur 6.jpg

Onto the third starter of the evening, a large Kolivada Prawn with de-hydrated milk foam and wasabi beetroot dip.  It was a tempura prawn tossed and finished in a mixture of various chillies and masala Indian spices. I don’t actually need to say much about this dish the description describes it well, and you know it was divine. When you sliced into the prawn and saw the pure white against the red spicy, then to taste the heat and spice combination that was just right, I wish there had been two prawns on my plate instead of one, but with more courses to go I knew that probably wasn’t such a good idea.


Our last starter of the evening was a Beef kofta with angel hair, pulled beef spheres wrapped in kataifi and flashed fried, so soft on the inside and a delectable crunchy outside served with a strawberry and green chilli chutney, small orbs of flavour with an arabic nod. 

Jodphur 8.jpg

Then came a little extra, which was pure science, when delivered it looked like a small orange.  Chef described the dish as he had done at every course. This was a red bean ‘hummus’ sphere wrapped in a mandarin ‘jelly’ to be spread on the toast hhhmmm beans and orange I wasn’t sure about this. However I was wrong, slice in half and spread the combo on your toast the zing of the orange against the density of the hummus uplifted the palette. 

Jodphur 9.jpg

You would think that we would be full by now, but thankfully no The portions so far have been just right. The staff are always attentive and professional and all the staff were informative about the dishes. You can tell there is a real love and passion for what they do, this to me is the fundamental difference between an average and a good restaurant. The passion and love, it speaks in the food and the service, always at Jodhpur when you ask about a dish everyone knows its back story, the prawns coming from a particular part of India, the spice combinations and the deconstruction of every course.

Our starters now finished a palette cleanser was required and a fully loaded mango cranberry and kaffir popsicle which was a welcome refresher.

The mains were served Jodhpur style, a ghee roast mutton boti with a dosa lid, lamb diced and cooked in tomatoes and coconut with a pinwheel spinach paneer.  It had been roasted in the tandoor and then served as a pukhtan curry.  lets just sauce the plates were clean and thankfully we had a butter naan and a garlic roti to help clean them. On the side, a berry raita and Jodhpur signature healthy faux dhal makhi, tastes exactly the same a the usual black bean dhal but with half the calories as it has been painstakingly been recreated with green dhal instead, this is always a personal favourite of mine so I am too bias to pass comment. I must admit now we were beginning to have our fill but as we went around the 6 (yes 6!) items on the table we kept saying can’t eat any morsel, but I have to try this, and promptly it was all finished!


A ten minute break was required, while we had a chat and caught up and then we were brought back to the room by the delivery of desserts.  The first Mango 2 Ways which was a mango cheesecake with kulfi, with sesame seed glass and a sticky burfi, banana barrel with cinnamon ice cream.  Followed by a toffee banana cake covered with a caramel sauce and ice cream on the side to keep it light. Mango, toffee, cheesecake, ice cream, banana, all fully flavoured and fruity as you would expect from a restaurant of this quality.  Yummy!!!!

Jodphur 12.jpg


We finished our meal with mint tea and tried to agree on a favourite dish of the evening, we couldn’t, we kind of agree a top three, but I won’t tell. If you would like to enjoy this iftar, which as you can tell I would highly recommend, its just AED199,  yes you read it right just AED199 for over 8 courses, amuse bouche, etc included.

If may be in an off pitch location and if you didn’t know Jodhpur was there you would walk past it, but take my advise try iftar this month at Jodhpur and you will be making the journey beyond Ramadan. You might not want to tell you friends about this hidden gem, but it would be rude not to share something so good. We both agreed that it is 'up there as one of the top ten meals in our life’, so its not just me singing its praises ;)

I was not paid for the review, simply invited to enjoy. Jodhpur is situated in the grounds of Roda Al Murooj, valet at Roda and a buggy can take you to the restaurant. All this AED199.  Call 04 355 9846 for reservations open quote ‘CITISPI’ to avail a 10% discount.

If you have one Iftar to choose - try this one!  


Have a great weekend


The CitiSpi Team