CitiSpi Review - Fitness First Community Gym at Mudon

As Ramadan starts it is time to reflect on all things that are important to us.  Health is definitely an important part of life with fitness, diet, nutrition and sleep.  At CitiSpi we talk a lot about these and how to improve each aspect.  This week we visited the new Fitness First Community Gym opened in Mudon, off the Al Qudra Road.  This centre offers something different from the Fitness brand.  It offers you different ways to train like an athlete.  Or at least try to!  And we are interested in that!  Especially with summer trips coming up!  Why not find out more about a great fun way to get fitter this summer.

Summer in Dubai has always been a hibernation period.  Everyone gets into their latest boxset or takes a gym membership to stay indoors out of the heat. It is even a great time to enjoy the Summer specials.  We see great offers everyday coming in Staycations or Daycations around Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  We promise more on this in the coming weeks. For expats in the UAE, everything simply slows down especially as Ramadan falls earlier this year.   It gives us even more excuse to enjoy these activities.  I had already agreed with the hubby that next pay cheque would find the perfect summer membership to shift some of the ever present Dubai stone.  I need to find somewhere quick!


The invite to visit the new Fitness First in Mudon arrived in my inbox.  I thought it serendipitous timing. It is billing itself as a mixed club. Tick! It has been designed to complement current Fitness First clubs offering new unique training experience, with a focus on allowing customers to train like athletes!  Tick!  It offers a variety of diverse training programmes. Tick!  I have to visit.  I am no athlete and I often feel intimidated by gyms around town.  There's too much equipment that looks like it could be used in a torture chamber. I prefer group classes, preferably small and I don’t want to feel like a complete novice even though I am.  Talking my friends I know I am not alone in this feeling!


So off I trot on my expedition to find my inner athlete.  The athlete in me has been lost for a while so I am a bit nervous.  I always played field sports and hoped the ball wouldn’t come to near. I think cartwheel races across the school fields are the nearest thing I have to passing a finishing line.  I got a singlet top which was a fashion disaster not a sports one - could never carry off that look.  I do love cycling for leisure (and still do) to visit friends who live nearby.  Always feel more worthy cycling to their houses to save booking a taxi but the journeys are always slightly more shaky on the way back than on the way!  Say no more!

I find Fitness First in Mudon easily.  It is a great location for those that will live and work in Mudon obviously, and the surrounding communities of Arabian Ranches 1 & 2, Motorcity, Sports City, Sustainable City, Studio City.  It has accessible parking as it is part of the Mudon Community Centre so its ticks the box for convenience too.  I can go to gym and get those urgent weekly purchases like milk or bread.  Easy to get on the way out!  Love saving time and multi-tasking.

The staff are so welcoming when I arrive and obviously love what they do, you can see straight away that its a small centre with a large offering maximised in the space.  I met the Group Head of Fitness & Product Alan Holl - its very much his baby he wants to create a more creative way of training and advocate a gym experience.  I try the WattBikes.  I have heard of these as the British Olympic Cycling team have used them!  Apparently training on a Wattbike is the fastest, most effective way to improve your performance on a bike.  Maybe my leisure cycle will become an Olympic one?  We will see!  I am also very interested in the Kube Wall.  It is like a TRX training wall in my mind.  I do hope I am correct in that assumption.  I am told that there is an all new Rip, Ropes & Straps class on the Kube Wall which I will have to come back and try.


I didn't think I would ever say this but there were and are 3 other very interesting parts of the gym which I will definitely go back and try.  The first that peaked my interest is that they offer Reformer pilates.  There is a state of the art studio with all the kit at Mudon.  If you want to strengthen your core you should go and look.  I tried this back in London and love that there is now a class nearby.   The second is that they also have a Mind and Body Studio for yoga classes and meditation.  The classes are small enough to get the attention you need to get the most out of your work out.   Last but not least is that they have an amazing outdoor pool.  I know that this is not a unique feature across Dubai but it does serve a different role.  People attending the gym will be able to sign up for advance training sessions like Master Swim.  This is for us 18+ people like us.  It is aimed at adults who can swim a minimum of 400m front crawl uninterrupted, regardless of how fast or slow, looking to go the next level. I am in!


The team at Mudon have spent 3 months of training in customer care and group training.  We talked about the fact that group training is more effective than training solo.  The team have spent time pulling together schedules of classes and trainers that can can happen ad hoc if there is a small group in the gym that want a certain class.  This is really listening and reacting to customer needs which is great news!. They see it as a place that people can drop off the kids then have a gym session after with their friends. 


The thing I liked best about this is that it is designed for small groups and this is perfect for the community.  There are a number of schools close by so Mums could easily come here with their friends after drop off and get fit together.   It feels intimate and tailored and removes any of the intimidation of the bigger gyms.  It also is perfect for teenagers wanting to play basketball or volleyball in the Sportszone.  It will get rid of a lot of that youthful energy.  The gym opens at 5.30am and closes at 10pm.  Wow you really could get fit with that amount of time!


I would recommend this new design for other gym companies.  Fitness First really have listened to the customer and are delivering with this Mudon gym a great new way to focus on your health.

If you want to find out some more information on the gym or class schedules click here or call 04 422 6382.   Why not go and have a look for yourself!

Have a great week

The CitiSpi Team