CitiSpi Review - The Godfather of Brunches

We are always looking for a good brunch.  Our favourite brunches are great quality food at a good location with a chilled and relaxed vibe to Friday.  My hubby and I this week wanted to have some time together, we had hardly seen each other all week so we thought it could be a date brunch!  We have all been there, living together and not really catching up all week! 

There aren’t that many places in Dubai that provide lunch with a glass of hops or vine on the side on Fridays, so we searched for a reasonably priced brunch and happened upon The Metropolitan Hotel's new Godfather Brunch at their Don Corleone Restaurant.   It is a fantastic price at AED199 with unlimited grape and starts at 12pm so plenty of time for eating and supping, we decided it was the perfect choice and would quite happily fit the bill.


We booked in for the start at 12pm and a few tables were already filled, but it soon filled out with groups of friends and families who obviously had the same idea as us, just sat catching up over vine and good Italian food with a nice relaxed atmosphere.

As there were two of us we were served four delicious bruschetta, three different and traditional flavours, so we could each enjoy tomato bruschetta and choose between one olive, mozzarella and tomato or a mushroom delight each, I say choose but husband has an aversion to olives so the decision was already made (olives seem to be a love hate thing, why?). Grape was served, house red, rose or white was on offer, complimented with the usual soft drinks, so our thirst was quenched, onto salads and anti pasta from the buffet.


A chef made to order salad started our culinary journey, followed by the same for a delicious asparagus or mushroom risotto, which was finished off in a HUGE Parmesan cheese so you benefited from the Parmesan slowly melting into the risotto before it was served. I had never seen this done before and thought it a great addition to the dish, the cheese infusion didn’t over power the dish. Continuing our anti pasta we enjoyed chef made-to-order pasta, created in front of your eyes on hot plates with two delicious sauces one cream and one tomato base, depending on your preference and diet requirements. Personally I know you should always go for the arrabiata or simple tomato based sauce as it is the healthy option.  We choose the creamy sauces and fresh pasta on this occasion as they are always so delicious, and it was a cheat day!


As with any Italian feast there are always a number of courses, and Don Corleone didn’t disappoint.   We followed our anti pasta with amazing fresh pizza, which you could take by the slice straight from the stone oven, vegetable, pepperoni, seafood and traditional margarita. I am a traditional girl so its margarita all the way and I have to say its one of the best pizzas I have had for a while.  The bests pizza since I was in Naples, the home of pizza, a few years ago, so fresh and tasty.


On to the mains, if you had room, there was a selection of roast and grilled specials, and of course lasagne, which my husband said was particulary good.  We thought we had had our fill but its always nice to have something sweet at the end of the meal.   We were crest fallen as neither my husband and I had seen any desserts on the buffet.  Of course there's dessert!  Our lovely waitress said ‘no fear your al la carte desserts are here’.

We were served with a slate filled with four desserts each, I thought initially it was to be served as a sharing plate, but thank goodness it wasn’t, I wanted it all to myself. A petite tiramisu, mini lemon meringue pie, a creme brûlée and little jar of panna cotta cheesecake. All small and perfectly formed array judging by the clean plates afterwards.  The perfect selection and end to the meal. 


This brunch is somewhere I can imagine going back to again and again, its the right price with good value and would quite happily hang with friends and family to catch up over good honest food on a regular basis.   In fact I would just come back for the pizza.

Too often recently, given current economic times, brunches are reserved for special occasions but with this brunch, the price options and its easy to get to location, it ticks a lot of boxes. The soft drinks package is just AED109 which is excellent, a slight contention I have on other brunches is the difference in price on the soft drinks packages, often not too dissimilar to the grape packages and which never seems fair for those not drinking to me.

There isn’t a children’s corner but it is a children friendly venue, we saw a few parent couples who had obviously come out with their children for some RnR.   As it gets hotter outside and the children are up so early a lazy Italian lunch seems like a great idea. The selection of food was as expected for an Italian restaurant with the usual Italian fair, I would not say there was a huge selection I would say it was just right. Risotto tick, Pasta tick, Salad tick Mains tick and Desserts tick, and of course grape. One thing that I really enjoyed most about this brunch was the freshness of all the dishes, near enough everything was made to order.  You may have had to wait say one/two minutes for the pasta to finish cooking, or the desserts to be delivered but it was worth it.

My husband and I had had more than our fill, we had caught up, all we really needed was an olive tree to hide under and snooze but given the weather it was time for home, an old movie and a sofa snooze instead.

The new Godfather Brunch is served at the Don Corleone’s Restaurant at the Metropolitan Hotel, just AED109 including soft drinks, AED199 including unlimited vine, AED239 with unlimited hops, spirits and vine. For under 6 years olds its free and children 6-12 years old its just AED55, brunch is served every Friday from 12pm to 3.30pm.  What do you think?  Would you go?  Click here to find out more or to book for this Friday!  

Happy Brunching!

The CitiSpi Team