Eat Greek, Mall of the Emirates - A CitiSpi Review

As a treat, me and the girls went shopping for the day at Mall of the Emirates after the long term and upcoming school holidays.  We love getting time together, it is rare and precious and always great to catch up.  The general idea is normally a couple of hours shopping, a nice lunch and then back to reality.  Mall of the Emirates is great for this.  It offers everything we need from designer to high street shops including Harvey Nicholls and Marks and Spencer!  The list is long enough to keep us going and we shop til we drop.  As our feet get a bit weary we always start chatting about food options?  Spoilt for choice.  What is it we want? 

We debate on the food court and other options near Ski-Dubai like the Cheesecake Factory but we come up with the perfect choice.  We want a healthier lunch that offers us wider choice and a nice restaurant environment and we decide on Eat Greek.  We have been here before but it has a new menu and always offers fresh options and nice refreshing drinks and coffee.  Decision made!

We arrive at 12noon with our shopping bags and are seated inside the restaurant.  We prefer this setting.  Nice seating, pretty lights and a feeling of space to chat.  The décor is stylish.  As it is a Sunday it is great to get seated quickly and the staff are always helpful and accommodating and give us the new vast menu to peruse.   There is so much to choose from.  Our decision isn’t easy.  As a collective we decide to get several dishes to share with some drinks.  It is lunch after all – don’t want to be asleep for the rest of the afternoon. 

We decide upon Beetroot Salad with yoghurt, apple, walnut and croutons with some freshly baked pita.  For main, we order the Spanakorizo Seafood spinach rice with dill and spring onion and a veggie pitta roasted vegetables mixed with tzatziki.  For drinks, we order Exotica juice and one of our friends just can’t resist the Nutella Spartan.  It is for everyone to share!  Of course, it is!

The starters arrive very quickly.  There is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread but the beetroot salad looks delicious.  Each mouthful is a fresh bite of beetroot with a crunch of walnut.  We are feeling very virtuous and congratulate each other on our choice.  The beetroot salad is AED35. At this point the fresh Exotica juices arrive with the Nutella Spartan milkshake.  Exotica contains the lovely mix of fresh pineapple raspberry and passion fruit juice with ice and mint.  Really refreshing for us all.  The drinks we have choosen are AED30 each. The Nutella Spartan is a chocolate beast of chocolate Nutella drink topped with a wait for it, donut filled with Nutella and covered in sugar at the top.  The straw goes through the donut to the milk drink.  Wow.  Who needs food when you have one of these.  We decide to come back to it for desert. 


Eat Greek has other restaurants at Dubai Mall and my personal favourite for breakfast is at JBR.  This is a great venue to sit and watch the world go by with a lovely coffee and fresh fruit plate and eggs.  Back in the MOE, we are being delivered our mains.  The vegetable pita is a great sharing dish.  We have in cut in half so we can eat is easier but it contains yummy roasted vegetables with tzatziki and on top and on the side, there’s fried potato chips with a delicious tomato and red onion salad and priced at AED65.  This is good value. 


The signature dish Spanakorizo Seafood spinach rice with dill and spring onion is delicious.  It is like a risotto with sprinkle of feta cheese but is definitely substantial and more filling.  There are generous portions of prawns and calamari nestled in the rice with refreshing bits of onion and dill.  It is very good. This is perfectly complemented by the beetroot salad.  Fresh tastes with salty seafood and creamy cheese.  We love it and we all decide that this is our favourite dish yet.  It is very rich and decadent for a Sunday but that's ok.  It is a very nice contrast to the pita and we all have ample to eat.  The portions are ample.  At AED125 the Spanakorizo is expensive but we shared it so all in all the meal is a good choice for us.  We love the choice on the new menu!  There were also appetizers to share and salads, new fish dishes and greek classics like Moussaka if you love your Greek food!


We are pleased with our collective choice.  All in all, a lovely experience after a perfect morning with friends.  If you are looking for respite from shopping for a coffee or some great fresh food, lovely staff and a lovely escape, this is your place.  We will be back and next time we will save room for dessert.  Though the Nutella Spartan gave us all enough sugar for the afternoon.  Eat Greek offers a packed menu with everything for you and your friends and family.  Good kids options and we would all recommend it.   Try it - you won't be disappointed.