Jenny Rose - A Review of Hair & Beauty

One of our main conversations in the office lately has been “Can you recommend a good hairdresser”.  It is such a personal thing and sometimes comparable to a trip to the dentist where you put your complete trust in a professional to make you look better!  It is a risky business recommending them.  My friend is desperate for a good haircut and I said I would go with her for support.  She has heard of Jenny Rose in Motor City and I know they do all sorts of beauty treatments.  I love a day spa!  I jumped at the chance to book a facial while she gets her hair sorted.  We get a wee chance to escape life for a little while with a cup of tea or coffee and a copy of Hello Magazine to catch up on the latest gossip of D list celebrities in the UK. Hurray!  She is seated in the salon and I am taken to the treatment room.  The team are so welcoming and we instantly like the clean white décor and opulent purple velvet sofas and orchids with glass chandeliers.  It feels like an escape.  Our story now falls into two parts – my friend’s hair experience with Kelanne and my Elemis Lavender Skin repair facial. 


The Hair Experience

I have been looking for a new hairdresser for a while and I have trialed a few, getting stuck in traffic too often trying to get home from the other side of town.  If I am honest I have had several bad experiences from cutting to colour and exorbitant prices. I have just wanted to find somewhere easy to get to and is known for doing a good job, simple in Dubai? Not so far!  I need to tame my fine flyaway hair that goes thin and flat as pancake after ten minutes irrespective of how much ‘product’ I put on it.  I am looking for that just stepped out of the salon look that I can manage from home.  A friend had recommended Jenny Rose and so my friend, who was looking for some facial inspiration, and I booked in for a morning of me time. 


The lovely Kelanne was introduced as my stylist for the morning and we discussed my hair woes and previous experiences.  She was very thorough.  We discussed my home routine, the right shampoo and my overall hair habits.  Kelanne undertook a small test on my hair and said it was healthy just lacked a bit of moisture - who doesn’t living in the desert?   She was so knowledgeable about hair and the science of hair.  I was very impressed.  You can tell straight away when you sit in a chair and start talking to a hairdresser and you just know that they know their stuff!  Well Kelanne does and she has great hair too.  Another good sign!  She has been in hairdressing since she was 14 years old starting as a Saturday girl and worked her way up, increasing her training, gaining more and more qualifications and then came to Dubai three years, and aren’t we lucky she did. 

Jenny Rose Hannah hair.jpg


Everything Kelanne undertook was very professional and I felt very much that she listened to my needs and concerns.  We discussed what products I should be using and what I shouldn’t!   The entire experience was educational.  The cut was in all honesty the best I have had in a long while and I can see why her bookings sheet is always full.  The salon uses Kevin Murphy products which I was not aware of before but they were divine.  How did I not know about them?  Vogue calls Kevin Murphy the inventor of the Beach look and fantastic cruelty free products.  They use natural ingredients like lavender and all sorts of other natural elements and are sulphate free, which can’t be bad. My hair was washed with Angel Wash and Angel Rinse!  What divine names!   Kelanne informed me that I should always wash my hair with shampoo twice.  Once to remove any grease and dirt and the second to protect the hair.  Great advice!  Before drying she spruced up my hair with an amazing hairspray/dry shampoo duo called Doo Over.  This kept my new do in place for the rest of the day and then some.   I officially love these products and Kelanne of course.  I stepped away from the salon with spring in my step and a new style.  I had been taught new tricks and tips to manage the style with ease at home.  I even tried a couple of days later and it worked! OK not 100% as Kelanne had undertaken but not far off. They say the key to a good ‘do’ is a good cut and good products, well Jenny Rose delivered on both.  Even my husband noticed.  And he never does!   I will definitely be back. 


The Spa Experience

I have needed a facial for a while.  I know myself I am not drinking enough water and using enough moisturizer or more importantly staying away from the sun.  I am ready to get chastised for my lack of self-care.  I think we could all do lot more of that.  I am introduced to Baby who is going to be looking after me.  She is lovely, extremely happy and eager to please.  I am taken to the treatment room.  I filled in the necessary questionnaire and we talked about my skin routine and diet.  I immediately confessed to drinking too much caffeine and not enough water.  She agreed!  I would need to get used to her honesty but it was refreshing and instantly made her trustworthy.  I also recently changed my routine and recognised that looking after my diet and skin is something that I need to be more focused from on now. 

The treatment room was perfectly cool and the music very soothing.  Baby promised me that my skin would feel amazing by the end not to mention the removal of fine lines and any blemishes.  Ah that honesty again.  I have always been a fan of the Elemis products in the U.K. and used the rose cleanser and toner products.  I chose the lavender skin repair facial for its restorative features and for relaxation both of which I need.  The facial ritual commenced rhythmically with hand movements to massage my face at the same time as removing any residual make up or product on my face.  After this, the beauty routine commenced: 

The cleanser lavender cream was applied and removed - Baby's light technique was immediately soothing

An exfoliator was then rubbed into my face to remove dead cells and ensure plumping and deeper cleanse – this can be abrasive but the Elemis product and hot towels made it more pleasant

Next came the bright light for closer examination of my pores and face!  Arggggh was dreading this part.  We agreed at the start that she should do extraction and remove any blemishes.  She could be here a while!  A steamer with rosewood oil was held over to my face for several minutes.  There are a lot of elements to this facial.   All doing a very specific job.  Throughout Baby was reassuring that everything is ok and she checked regularly during the process

At each stage, hot towels remove the cream and keep the pores open.  The Elemis peel mask is applied now and it is a cool comparison to the previous potions.   I am feeling relaxed and pampered.  Next toner and finally Elemis Marine cream moisturizer.  My skin has gone through an MOT with complete service.  Baby reminds me that toners, moisturisers and water are necessities in my daily routine and she knows what she is talking about!   



Dubai has a lot of spas and a lot of great places to go for spa treatments.  The challenge is not volume, it is consistent quality, locally.  Jenny Rose is the place you can go to every week for great service and lovely people and most of all quality beauty treatments. Whether it is a hair or getting beach ready, you won’t be disappointed.  We will definitely go back.  I booked my next Baby Facial as I like to call it and my friend wants a pedicure!

The facial costs AED550 and the average cost for a stylist is AED330.  Call 04 551 6620 to book and go to for a fuller list of treatments and prices.