Tribes Carnivore - A CitiSpi Review

I have always seen Tribes in the Mall of the Emirates but I wasn’t aware of it in the vast Dubai Mall.  We have guests in town and wanted to pick a place for dinner in Downtown Dubai.  We were ideally looking for a great view for our visitors.   A friend of mine mentioned Tribes Carnivore and the balcony overlooking the Dubai fountains.  She told me it is an African restaurant, known for good service and quality meat like steak, chicken and burgers.   So, it was decided Tribes would be a nice dinner with a view!


I arrived before my friends and looked in the restaurant wondering how it was possible that there would be a view.  The staff at this restaurant are amazing.  Everything about them is happy, helpful and very friendly.  I immediately loved that.

We were brought to our seats by Maricel who was bubbly and accommodating.  She showed us to a table that can only be described as breathtaking.  Initially, you can’t take it all in but you are on the first  third floor of Dubai Mall perched on what feels like the edge of the world with water underneath, Souk Al Bahar to the left and the Dubai Opera House alongside the statuesque beauty that is the Burj Khalifa on the right.  

Timing is imperative here.  We arrived as the sun was setting so we were able to savour the moody Dubai dusk with a smattering of clouds until the eventual lighting up of the sparkles of the Burj Khalifa.  If you have guests like us the best time to come is around 6pm for drinks outside and then the real show begins. 

I am conscious that we haven’t even gotten to the food yet but this experience is very special.  You are taken aback by the beauty of the surroundings and then the Dubai Fountain show begins.   Our food arrived at this point.  Poor Maricel had to wait to explain what we had ordered until we all finished our ooohs and aaaaahs.  

Back in the room!  We ordered a shared started of the Hakuna Matata Platter along with the Avocado and Beetroot salad.  There is definitely enough food for 4 people.  There was freshly baked hazelnut and raisin bread brought hot to the table.  It was delicious.   The starter platter arrived including calamari, Mozambique prawns, African pie, Chicken lollipops, sour melon, lamb samosas and sausages.  It is a lot of food and a mixture of fantastic meaty flavours even the fish.  The portions are generous and this is a starter!  Remember that when you go.  The best food on the plate was undoubtedly the African pie.  The pie was filled with beef rib, chicken and mushrooms, all reduced to create the perfect filling.  Coupled with the fresh beetroot from the salad it was divine. 


Along with the starters we order fresh juices called Ginger fresh and Brain wash.  This is a dry establishment at the Mall so don’t go thinking that you would like a glass of South African Cabernet with your steak.  The drinks were delicious and refreshing!  A welcome side to the meat starter!

The fountain show starts again!  This time to Whitney Houston!  We asked for a 10-min breather between courses to again take in the view but more importantly to give our stomach some time to rest.  For main we again ordered a sharing platter.  Our choice, the Warrior Platter!  The sides are mash potato and triple cooked chips.  

After our 10 minutes Maricel unbelievably carried out a wooden cow.  It is huge and the food looks delicious.  This dish is well worth the AED325 to share with 3 other people. There is striploin, beef ribs, sausages, chicken, beef bacon and a half of a chicken.  I now understand why the motto of this restaurant is All you can meat!  Wow the plate is epic.  Eating now must be strategic ha ha!  It is less about how much and more about what you want to eat before you are no longer able to.  We ordered it all to be cooked medium and it is.  Sinfree the Restaurant Manager has already been at our table twice and he does this with everyone.  He wants to know what else we need or is everything OK?  It really is, more than OK.  The meat is succulent and the mash potatoes are smooth and delicious.  The best part of the platter for me is the striploin.  We also should have ordered more vegetables but were comforted by the fact that we had salad as part of the starter.   The meat seemed never-ending and we did take some home too.

The Dubai fountains show starts again and this time is Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  It is impressive.  Fountains that can do the zombie moves and seem to have legs to do the Thriller dance.  You really should see it.  I think you are not getting the gist that this restaurant feels like the full experience.  Then, we received a surprise.  One of our guests has a birthday next week after they leave and I did mention it to Maricel.  All at once the team start to congregate with drums around our table.  We really don’t know what is going on but it is exciting that something will.   We are brought 2 desserts.  The first is a ball in what looks like a mortar along with a pestle alongside ice cream.  The next is a caramel chocolate cake with ice cream too.   Now it feels like the party is starting.  Sinfree and his team start dancing and playing the bongos around us.  As this happens, everyone is singing led by a very talented singer and dancer called Wonderful.  I absolutely love that name.  I also loved that whilst they were singing and dancing, the desert was being bruleed by a cooking torch and our guest was handed a very firey sparkler.  The pestle was for smashing the ball dessert adding to the drama.  Overall the atmosphere was fantastic and there was a little girl dancing with them beside the bongos.  It made the special experience even better.


Back to the food.  Dessert was a the speciality of Tribes.  Smashed Lamington and Caramel Malva cake.  Well worth AED25 each.  The Lamington was a coconut cake that releases it flavours when smashed to unveil white chocolate pieces and a raspberry coulis.  It was a surprise to me that the cake was dry but perfectedly complemented by the filling and the coconut ice cream.  The Caramel Malva was the favourite of the table with its caramel and chocolate flavours and a very delicious vanilla ice cream. 


Tribes Carnivore was a surprise to me.  It overdelivered in every way.  My expectation was a meal with a view and what we got was so much more.  Sinfree and the team love their jobs and you cannot fake that.  We got exemplary service.  The food was a surprise.  It was delicious and plenty and the meals considered.  The seasoning perfect and there was a lot of choice.  I rediscovered how much I love great ingredients cooked well.  It is difficult to achieve that and Tribes did.  If you love meat you should definitely go and if you want great desserts you should go to.  And let’s not forget about the location.  The balcony from the Dubai Mall restaurant just made everything better.  I will definitely go back.

Tribes Carnivore is an authentic African restaurant.  Average starter course AED50 and mains AED100 and desserts start from AED25. Click here to find out more or to book a reservation.