Street Brunch by Besh

When you get the opportunity to go to Brunch with you mates, it is always something to look forward to. Street Brunch by Besh has just launched at The Sheraton Mall of the Emirates, so it is brand new! We love the menu at Besh Turkish Kitchen and were promised a new brunch concept for families.  So, we had to try it! 


On arrival, you are greeted with a very warm welcome.  The team at the Sheraton are very welcoming and very good with the kiddiewinks!  Immediately you get a positive feeling and good vibe within the restaurant. 

As you enter you are also greeted by a great variety of food choices and not just Turkish food.  Though we do love the Besh menu.  Excitedly so.  To the left a desserts room.  To the right Turkish breads and dips.  What else?  A cocktail bar, a sushi bar, a salad dressing wall, a live fire oven dishing out the most amazing bagels and lahmacun and live cooking stations for meat, salads and corn.  And that was just the start. 

We brought little people.  All parents will love the Little Besh area.   It was an instant hit with the kids.  It had a dedicated area set aside for kids’ specific food for them including vegetable rice, chicken, sausages and pasta plus a popcorn machine and chocolate fountain!  What’s not to like about that.  The food look diverse and healthy and made us feel better about the fact that the kids wanted so much marshmallows dipped in chocolate.  Or ice cream for starters.  Each child was given a balloon too and a photograph to give them a memory of the day!

And now to adult relaxation……what was on the menu for us?  Our meal started with an aperitif.   Gin with pomegranate.  A refreshing and thirst quenching start to dinner.  And the best news was that all beverages are included in the brunch price.   You can order drinks to you table or go up to the Cocktail bar and ask for a bespoke drink. great mojitos and the gin and tonics very the largest we had ever seen!  The wine selection is good and a wheelbarrow that comes round giving out bottles of beer.

For starters our table had the delicious sushi and salads.  The dressings wall is a chalk board that has pots for all dressings and nuts and it is a lovely quirky idea!   The sushi was fresh and there was a lot of it and lots of variety from tuna to salmon to California rolls.  As you would expect at a Turkish restaurant, the hummus was delicious and fresh salads of tomatoes, onions, cucumber with Turkish cheeses yummy!  The fresh Turkish bread is delivered to your table as a skewer of bagels.  Don’t fill up on the bread though!

Main course was a dilemma but thankfully with a market brunch and live food stations you can pick and choose as you please.  We choose the Tavuk Sis and Kuzu Sis!  That’s chicken and lamb kebabs to non Turkish food aficionados.  The meat was succulent and seasoned just right.  There were levrek (seabream) and several other shish with yoghurt dressing and red onion and coriander.    There were also 10 – 12 hot serving dishes with trout, chicken, lamb stews along with fresh steamed vegetables and varied rice dishes.  The Sunday Roast sliced beef was cooked to perfection and really was delicious.  All fresh and extremely tasty.  Brunch at Besh is a taste explosion as you eat fresh food of the highest quality. 

Dessert at Besh Brunch is the best course!  Save room for rice puddings, baklava and mini red velvet cakes.  That’s not all, homemade Turkish ice cream in pistachio, vanilla and chocolate flavours.  And the dessert room has the most beautiful handmade chocolates and chocolate lollies.  There is an entire wall of these and a candy floss machine.   On the other side nougat and Turkish Delight to die for!  And don’t forget the cheese section……

Besh Brunch is a great new addition to the Friday Brunch scene in Dubai.  It is great value for money and good quality.  It is perfect for families and caters for everyone.  We would recommend it, perfect for guests coming to Dubai.   The price really does make it stand out as you are guaranteed quality food and bread straight from the oven!  And did we mention those gin and tonics!!

Street Brunch by Besh every Friday from 1pm – 4pm.  Click here to book!

As ever this is our opinion!  Try it for yourself to see if we are right



The CitiSpi Team