Finding The Perfect Pizza in Dubai!

Some folks call them pizza, others pie. We call them delicious. Most of us may not consider pizza to be gourmet or an item off the menu of a fine dining restaurant. However, finding that perfect slice of pizza is just as satisfying as biting into a steak that’s cooked just the way you love it. And no, it is not all about the cheese! Although we do love a gooey pie any day.


Here are some of the most mouthwatering bites around Dubai. We love our job!  From gourmet to authentic, we had to do some research!  You might not agree on our choice but you can find all these restaurants and more on the CitiSpi app.



Bussola, situated at The Westin, Mina Seyahi, has three restaurant styles rolled into one award winning concept with the casual dining terrace open seasonally. Offering thin crusts and generous toppings, Bussola’s pizzas can only be enjoyed outdoors. This makes getting a slice of pizza here, even more of a special treat here. We’ve also got some offers made especially for our CitiSpi members. Book your table now, while the season is perfect, by calling 04 399 4141.



This Italian café and pizzeria has multiple locations around the city of Dubai but our favorite spot is at the Pyramids at Wafi. The go to spot for a late lunch or an outdoor dinner under stars, this venue also has a live cooking counter. The Pizza Biella, one of their specialties, is made of tomato sauce, ricotta, bresaola, egg, parmesan and rocket leaves. Simple and delicious but that’s not all. They have a wide selection of pasta and dishes straight from the grill too. Call them on 04 324 4666 or for more check them out on our app.


Casa Mia

Offering fine dining and a tremendously satisfying selection of starters, main courses and desserts, it is Casa Mia’s pizza that stands out. Situated at Le Meridien, Dubai, Casa Mia have teamed up with CitiSpi to bring some delectable meal deals for our members. Their house speciality, the Casa Mia, is a carnivorous delight that includes pork, mozzarella and basil. Get your slice now on the CitiSpi app.


Prego’s Pizza

Business lunch or Friday brunch, Prego’s and CitiSpi have got you covered. Prego’s is not only recognized by the Italian Industry and Commerce Office as masters of Italian cuisine, they’ve also earned several awards including Time Out Dubai’s Restaurant Awards. And Chef Barbasso is a world champion pizza acrobat!  Ever wondered what buffalo milk tastes like? Try out their Bufalina which uses buffalo milk mozzarella with your usual tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes and olives. Find out about our offers with Prego's on our CitiSpi app now!


Le Dune Pizzeria

Blending Arabic and Italian expertly with both their cuisine and venue, Le Dune is a magnificent experience for those who want a slice of pizza in the desert. Situated at the Bab Al Shams Desert Resort, Le Dune offers traditionally styled pizzas with a touch of Arabic flavors. You can enjoy the best of both nations as you sip on your glass of bubbly, enjoy a slice of Italy, while watching the sun set over the dunes of Dubai. If you think this is the unique fusion experience you’ve been looking for, check out the venue through the CitiSpi app now.  


For more Italian and pizza restaurants around Dubai we have over 100 listed on our app.  Download the app now here and enjoy the amazing five star choice.  And if you disagree with our choice, let us know!  

We always love hearing about pizza!  

Happy weekend  


The CitiSpi Team

This is just our opinion!  All restaurants and food are chosen at our discretion!