International Charity Day - The Dubai Charities to get involved with!

Today is the International Day of Charity as announced by the United Nations since 2012. And who doesn’t love to give something back? Seeing as in Dubai we have so many things to be thankful for; the sunshine and pleasant temperatures, the many pristine beaches, the nearby desert offering us heaps of adventure and the abundance of choices for entertainment and social events.


So today we want to shed a little light on how you can give a little something back by getting involved with a Dubai charity. After all, Dubai is a city that cares and hence it is full of generous people and organisations who aim to help those less fortunate, educate people on important topics or help advance research for medical purposes. Here is our list of potential charities to consider getting involved with: 


Located in Al Barsha, Al Noor Centre aims to provide kids and adults with special needs, regardless of background, the same opportunities through professional training and care to realize their potential and integrate into the wider community. A great way to get your company involved in charity work in Dubai is by purchasing your next corporate gifts or stationary from Al Noor Centre. The students will even create a custom design for your brand – perhaps a drawing of your company logo? Visit their website to learn more about their initiatives and mission.


Just in time for Ramadan this year, a group of dedicated individuals took the initiative and started acquiring old fridges to set up in areas that blue collar workers would frequent. They then went on to ask residents in nearby areas to bring food and drinks to the fridges to refill ever so often. The result? Today there are 50 fridges scattered around Dubai that get refilled by over 23,000 Facebook fans. Over the summer, the group received overwhelming coverage by media and great support from communities throughout Dubai. Ramadan may be well over, but the fridges remain stocked up. To find out where the closest fridge to you is located, check out their Google map, or visit the Facebook page.


If you have a soft spot for our furry little friends, you may want to consider supporting one of the many dog rescue centres in Dubai. K9 is one of the most established rescue organisations who help take stray dogs off the streets as well as rehome abandoned pets. There are several ways to get involved. If you have the time and are ready for a big commitment, consider adopting a furry family member from them. Or if you are not quite ready for the full-time responsibility there is also the option to foster dogs for set periods of time. But you can also opt for becoming a kennel or administrative volunteer, or simply make a donation to lend a hand. To find out more about K9 friends, visit their website.  


Breast Cancer Arabia is a free interactive internet platform that shares information about breast cancer and its treatment. Part of Breast Cancer Arabia’s mission is also to help women, no matter what financial, geographical or social background they may come from, get the diagnosis and treatment they need. This is partly done by encouraging the public to donate towards a mammogram, medical equipment, awareness programs or a specialist training, so you’ll know exactly where your donation goes to. For more information about how to get involved, visit their website.


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