How To Make Time To Pamper Yourself

4 Ways To Make Time In Your Hectic Week To Pamper Yourself by RE-Salons & Spa


We all know that modern life is chaotic. Going to work, taking care of the kids and home, socialising, exercising and commuting take up so much of our time that it can sometimes feel like we don’t even have time to breathe. With all these things going on at once, self-care – that is, looking after ourselves – often falls to the bottom of the to-do list. Or worse still – it gets totally overlooked.


Research shows, however, that self-care is crucial for our well-being. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup and it’s our job to make sure we give ourselves the attention we need. Pampering yourself is the ultimate in self-care. It can be anything from getting a massage, indulging in a facial, having a long bubble bath, or reading a good book.


Booking a treatment (or several) at a salon will definitely leave you feeling pampered – the staff are always on hand to ensure you’re relaxed, and you walk out feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. It can sometimes be a challenge to take the time and do this, though.


Here are our tips on how to find space in your hectic week to make sure you get the pampering spa time you need, want – and deserve!


Schedule that appointment

Sometimes half the battle is picking up the phone and booking in the time to go to the spa. If you feel like you don’t have the time or energy to do this, remind yourself of the fact that it’s actually good for your health and well-being – for example, one study found that a 45-minute massage led to a small reduction in a stress hormone called cortisol. So it’s a great stress-buster.

Seeing as it’s good for your health, you no longer need an excuse to book a massage. Make yourself a priority for a change; it’s the best thing you’ll ever do.


 Find express treatments

Don’t have the time for a full pampering session? Many spas and salons across Dubai now offer express treatments for their clients, where you can pamper yourself in half the time. RE– Salons & Spas offers an express manicure/pedicure service, meaning you can get your nails done in as little as 30 minutes. It’s so fast that you can book online and get pampered pronto during your lunch hour.

Also, make sure you find a spa that’s close to your home or workplace, that way you will save precious minutes by not having to go far for your treatment of choice.


 Enjoy some social spa-ing

Why not kill two birds with one stone and get your pampering and socializing done at the same time? Invite one or two of your friends to join you at the spa in order to get your mani-pedi done together – imagine lounging and getting pampered together on comfy recliners and enjoying your treatment while you catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives. Better still, get the treatment done and then head out for dinner – make a night of it!


Get pampered at home

If you’re really struggling to find time, why not seek out one of the city’s many mobile spa services? That way, you can have the entire spa experience in the privacy of your own home and won’t have to face Dubai’s infamous traffic, which is definitely an extra bonus. Many of these services offer everything from massages through to mani-pedis and waxing.

Visit RE- Salons & Spas’ website for details on their mobile service, RE- wheelz spa @ home.

Go on you know you have to!

The CitiSpi Team with RE-Salons & Spa