Top 5 most ‘Grammable’ places in Dubai - By Guest Blogger Aneesha Rai of Om Nom Nirvana

As a third-culture kid, Aneesha has spent a lot of time developing her palate owing to Dubai's vibrant culture and traveling. Writing has always been her passion since childhood. At her full-time job, she develops digital content and manages public relations for a high-end luxury real estate company in Dubai. This has made her develop a keen interest in photography, technology and social media. If you want to know what's "trending", she's probably the right person to reach out to. In her spare time, Aneesha occasionally enjoys teaching workshops ranging from poetry writing to photography. Her blog Om Nom Nirvana is based on food, wellness and travel. Learn some useful tricks from her at CitiSpi’s Mobile Food Photography Breakfast on Sunday.


Gain some ‘instalove’ by heading to these unique locations to catch Dubai at its best.


Growing up in Dubai made me realize how many different facades it has. Whether it is the rustic warehouses in Al Quoz, the slinkiness of DIFC or the old school Abras on the Creek, #myDubai thrills in so many different ways. Here are my top 5 most ‘grammable’ locations in the city we all call home on the occasion of World Photo Day:


1) The Bur Dubai Creek & Bastakiya

Growing up as a third culture kid, Bur Dubai was my first real insight of understanding the Indian culture. At the time, it was the only place that had both a mosque and a Hindu temple in the same vicinity. It remains a charming place to this day, with the souk having been recently renovated. Lots of tiny fried Indian snacks are prepared and sold for as low as AED 1/-. It’s lovely to walk by the souq in the evenings and snap pictures of both tourists and shopkeepers driving a hard bargain. A rare find in a city full of malls.

 Abra credit/ bn_arta

Abra credit/ bn_arta

Exit the souq area around sunset and you will find the most beautiful time of day, “the blue hour”. Click away as the boats are loaded with passengers and depart from the creek under the watchful gaze of flying birds. But don’t forget to simultaneously embrace the surreal feeling evoked by the sounds of the mosque in the background, creating an almost theatrical atmosphere.

Stroll ahead and find yourself next to Bastakiya and revel in the wind tower houses and art galleries. Walk through the nooks and crannies and find yourself at the Arabian Tea house café.


2) DIFC & Downtown Dubai

Now, this is the Dubai we all know. DIFC might be the new financial district, but it is home to some exceedingly wonderful spunky restaurants. Whether it is Firebird Diner or Intersect by Lexus, you will not be disappointed with the culinary fanfare worth taking pictures of. However, the DIFC area in itself is so impressive, you can get plenty of great architectural shots! Play with the symmetry to gain astounding results in photography!

Then of course, there’s the Burj Khalifa and Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. Capture the views from the tower or the dancing fountains at Dubai Mall. Never gets old.

 Picture credit/ @heraldherrera

Picture credit/ @heraldherrera

3) Al Barari

Babbling brooks and gushing streams? Greenery all year around? Sounds too good to be true, but Al Barari is truly magic in itself. One may even expect to find Bambi loitering in its numerous pathways. This one is truly for the nature lovers, as Al Barari hosts the widest variety of flora and fauna in Dubai. Tucked away in an intimate corner of this green haven, The Farm is another farm-to-table, organic restaurant that is an excellent place to take lovely food pictures.

 Photo Credit Al Barari

Photo Credit Al Barari

4) Dubai Marina

Boats on the water. High rise towers. Crazy nightlife and brunches. To take pictures of Dubai’s high-flying lifestyle (and candid numerous sky jumpers and tower climbers), the Dubai Marina is the place to catch all the action at once!

5) Al Quoz

My new/old favourite place in Dubai. If you’re a self-professed hipster like I am, everything about Al Quoz will appeal to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re off at the Round 10 Boxing Club, sipping a coffee at Tom & Serg, getting your motorbike customised or even strolling down Al Serkal Avenue. Everything about this area screams understated, yet classy.

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