Little Suzie’s Diner Brunch at Pullman City Centre Reviewed by CitiSpi

We know that many of you missed your Friday brunches during the holy month of Ramadan, so come July we decided to throw our first ever CitiSpi brunch! Who doesn’t love a great excuse to meet new friends and catch up with old buddies over a great meal? And as we have seen more and more requests for us to host weekend events, we thought brunch would be just the right avenue!


So on Saturday 22nd July, CitiSpi Mix n’ Mingle takes a seat at Medley restaurant at Pullman City Centre to enjoy Little Suzie’s Diner Brunch. This Mix n’ Mingle event, meaning you can bring the entire family and all your friends to join in the fun, is just AED 154 with soft drinks, AED 182 with house drinks, AED 280 with bubbly and AED 49 for kids (Aged 6-12). To give you a sneak peak of what to expect, we headed down to try it out for ourselves first and give you all the scoop.


Weekends are a great time to explore the old neighbourhoods of Dubai a bit better. We have scouted out this gem of a hotel next to the City Centre shopping mall in Deira – Pullman City Centre, which you will have seen on the CitiSpi app offering exclusive CitiSpi Gold discounts to our app users. As you enter the hotel, you are greeted by their friendly reception staff who whisk you upstairs to the all-day restaurant Medley, where Little Suzie’s Diner Brunch is served every Friday from 12.30pm until 4pm. Having been around since the late 1800’s, the classic American diner style restaurants are hugely popular for their comfort food, friendly and casual atmosphere and affordable menu, although the Webster dictionary definition simply calls it a “restaurant in the shape of a railroad car”, referring to how it mimics the dining car of a train.


As you walk through the dark wooden arch entrance of Medley, you are welcomed with a smile by two hostesses dressed in traditional diner attire and balancing effortlessly on roller skates. Yes, you heard me correct, roller skates! With an ounce of jealousy as I wish I could also wear neon skates on a Friday afternoon, I am ushered to a table with a great view of the rest of the dining room and close enough to the dessert display. Just the way I like it!


If you, like me, tend to skip breakfast ahead of Friday brunch, you will be pleased that you immediately get a basket of deliciously spongy corn bread with whipped cream cheese to satisfy that initial hunger. Then it’s off to the salad buffet (I actually skipped this part, but it’s there!) and there is also a soup station serving classics such as Clam Chowder to whet your appetite. But a diner is not a diner unless you can get a great sandwich served with all your favourite toppings. So Medley have set up a sandwich station where you handpick your preferred deli meats, salads and dressings, choose your bagel or bread and get it freshly toasted to go.


Over to the hot meals stations, what would comfort food be without some good old mac and cheese? Whether or not it goes with the whole roasted turkey with all the trimmings is not as important as the fact that it is served with a side of grated cheese to make it even more sinful. It is however a perfect companion to the fried chicken, which is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Don’t forget to ask the chefs in the open kitchen about the other BBQ dishes, burgers, hot dogs and wings as well! Before we head for the waffles and eggs, a hostess swishes past us on her skates with a tray of tequila shots and a “ring, ring” from the bicycle bell on said tray, reminding us of the fun-loving diner atmosphere once more.


After we’ve covered all of the savoury dishes on offer, we aim for the indulgent dessert buffet set up at the centre of the dining room. We have been pining for this mountain of cakes for the last couple of hours and have left a little (a lot) of room for our sweet tooth cravings. Trust me, this is a dessert buffet that requires a solid strategy. My favourites included the classic American apple pie, the deliciously sweet pumpkin pie, freshly baked double chocolate chip cookies and the almost-too-gorgeous-to-eat cupcakes. We would go back here in a heartbeat just to eat off the dessert table!


After unbuttoning our trousers for a few minutes, we left Medley feeling ever so childish after having indulged in this fun selection of diner classics. You don’t have to be American to feel sentimental and nostalgic about this kind of food! We can’t wait to be back with our CitiSpi followers next week to get stuck in once again!


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