Sustainable Spots in Dubai

Every year when it’s World Environment Day, the CitiSpi team puts just a little bit of extra thought into what we can do for Mother Nature. Be it reusing plastic containers and jars, bringing our own fabric bags to the supermarket or turning the water off while brushing our teeth. It’s all the little things that count!


We are happy to discover that Dubai, despite being a young city, already has some fantastic home-grown businesses that promote sustainability and kindness to the environment. So we decided to list a few businesses that you can visit and make part of your monthly shopping round to help promote a greener future!


The Change Initiative, Sheikh Zayed Road

Going green can be daunting at times. Will I find all the products that I need? Is it going to be expensive? At The Change Initiative, centrally located next to Al Zahra hospital in al Barsha, you can choose from a wide range of products in their retail store, such as environmentally friendly cleaning products, healthy snacks, water and energy saving gadgets and accessories made from recycled materials. Additionally, their cafeteria is a great spot for breakfast and lunch (and has a library), and upstairs their meeting facilities have become popular amongst the environmentally conscious of Dubai! Their website is currently under refurbishment, but you can find out more about The Change Initiative in Facebook: 


The Ripe Shop, Al Manara

Despite the harsh weather conditions of the desert, there are plenty of farms scattered around the UAE. And guess what? They are experts in organic farming! Ripe was founded with the vision to cut out as much transportation as possible, essentially making the route from farm to dinner table as short and brief as possibly. The result is the Ripe home delivery service, weekly markets around Dubai and Abu Dhabi and a great little farm shop tucked away in Al Manara. In addition to locally grown fruit and vegetables, the shop also stocks organic produce from other Middle Eastern countries. You will also be able to pick up fresh, free range eggs and Italian style cheeses from Al Ain along with a full range of organic goodies. For more information, visit


Urban Garden, Time Oak Hotel, TECOM

This might be a rather random location, seeing as this is one of the more traditional (and dry) hotels in Dubai, but last year, Time Oak hotel in TECOM opened Dubai’s first ever ‘urban garden’. Planted on the hotel’s rooftop, this project, which was initiated by Slow Food Dubai, aims to promote local, organic and sustainable ways of thinking, primarily by showcasing the many plants, herbs and vegetables that can grow in an urban environment such as at the top of a high-rise. It is also aimed at bringing people together and educating the community about sustainability within the walls of a city. If you’d like to learn more about this project, and perhaps even become a volunteer, please visit


Take My Junk

Moving houses and not sure what to do with your old furniture? Or maybe you just need to get rid of furniture from your adult children’s old rooms? This brilliant company will come and collect any old beds, drawers, tables, chairs and what have you. They will then take your unwanted goods to a warehouse in Ajman where they are given new life through repairs and restoration. The furniture is then sold on to low income households at reasonable prices. Isn’t that clever? For more details, visit


Greenheart Organic Farms

Another great company that promotes local farming, as well as organic farming methods, is Greenheart Organic Farms. In addition to their online shop, which delivers directly to your doorstep, they also have a retail shop located in Arjan, Al Barsha South 2. The founder of the company not only runs the day to day operations of the client facing business, but is also the operations manager of the farms from which they source all of their produce. You can occasionally join a farm visit to see for yourself how luscious greenery exists in the desert! And what’s more? Greenheart have teamed up with Freedom Pizza to add a touch of sustainability to our favourite Italian food as well!


To round off, we challenge each and every one of you to make one tiny change to your everyday habits in celebration of World Environment Day, to help promote a greener – and brighter – future!


As always we do not undertake sponsored posts, just our advice from us to you!