CitiSpi App is Live - Thank You

Dear Beautiful Followers

The CitiSpi team and I are very delighted to announce that after months, sorry years of hard work and careful preparations, the CitiSpi app is now live on the Apple and Play store!

We couldn’t have done this without you, our loyal followers, and are thrilled to share these exciting times with you.


CitiSpi started as a humble Facebook site, known as Desert Comber, in February 2014. I wanted to hang out with my friends, I was fed up with the constant emails from voucher companies (and the lengthy terms and conditions on use!), the constant search of where to go and what was on offer. I was spending to much time looking at various websites and different Faceboook pages and not enough time with my friends, all I wanted was a one stop shop with all the promotions and venues I liked all in one place, (and prevent the usual long debate with friends on where to go and what to do). 

After a few months and positive feedback back from friends, I wondered if anyone else would like it too, so September 2014 the site was opened to the masses and we went from 50 to 500 people in a week!


But it wasn't enough to share the promotions, I wanted to hang with like minded people and friends at these great promotions, in great venues, so CitiSpi Events were borne. Every three weeks we would gather to try a ladies night, afternoon tea, anything really, sometimes there were 5 people, sometimes 20, but all like minded fabulous people wanting to discover Dubai, meet new faces and having lots of fun in the process.

Since September 2014 we have shared 1,000's of promotions on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages as well as our blog. We have nearly 7,000 followers and we have undertaken over 100 events that are now weekly, WOW!


The continuing frustration on finding what was happening in Dubai and where you could get more bung for my buck, started an 18 month journey to where we are today. I wanted to launch an app, with no technical experience its been an 18 month learning curve, and still is (new website and blog format coming soon!) I have spent lots of time with technical people understanding how everything works; as well as lots of time with people like me with the same frustrations. Well the CitiSpi App is here and finally everything I want to know about is on one place. We have over 500 venues and nearly 1,000 promotions on the app!

I hope the CitiSpi App makes your life a whole lot easier, we have split everything up geographically so you can find things in your neighbourhood more easily; we have also categorised and grouped things together so you can find what you want to do in a few clicks.

In the coming months we have more bells and whistles that will enable you to socialise smarter, without breaking the budget. Like CitiSpi Gold, our exclusive promotions, which will grow in the coming months. Our first offers are from the fab Marriott Al Jaddaf, close to DIFC - Saray Spa, where you can avail discount on spa sessions and the gorgeous Pullman Deira City Centre, is offering CitiSpi followers an amazing 30% discount on a number of venues, its a hidden gem 5 star hotel, we highly recommend!

I couldn't have done this without the hard work and support of the CitiSpi Team, lots of sleepless nights and long days, but we are here!

CitiSpi will always be a work in process, like Dubai, as we will continue to evolve as we want to remove the stress of organising your social life, so you can concentrate on your RnR with family and friends as well as enabling you to discover more of Dubai.

If you have any suggestions or any problems with the app, feel free to message me and we will see what we can do. Have a great weekend beautiful followers, we couldn't have done it without you!


Founder of CitiSpi - after a few sleepless night with a few technical glitches!