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We recently had a great time at Culinary Boutique, Jumeirah, for one of our CitiSpi events, the small humans enjoyed a cookery lesson while the adults devoured a scrumptious afternoon tea. The children had such a great time we asked Culinary Boutique for some top tips on how to get children involved in cooking. They had some brilliant ideas, so we wanted to share them with you, are great followers.....

At Culinary Boutique we know too well that home-cooks come in all sizes, starting from toddler! So how can you as a parent, grandparent or aunt can make the most of a child's energy and desire to learn in your home kitchen? Here’s a few tips and tricks from Chef Julius on how to involve little ones next time you cook up a storm.

Tips on how to get children involved in the Kitchen:

1.  Buy a “child safe” small and not too sharp knife. Small because it will fit into little hands better, and sharp because it cuts foods more easily, making it less likely to cut fingers.

2. Silicone-handled cooking utensils, such as mixing spoons, brushes and spatulas don’t transfer heat and also come in really cool colors!

3. Have fun and don’t take the process too seriously. Compliment the little one’s on their achievements so they take pride in the food they create.

4. Create the menu together! Whatever the occasion, encourage the child to explore and read cookbooks and check websites for recipes. The more invested they are in the meal, the less likely they’ll whine about it.

5. Praise them. Providing for our kin is such a primal urge that kids feel an immediate sense of pride and self-worth when they feed their families, so make sure to gush over their hard work.

6. Accept that not all kids like to cook. The non-cooking kids can still contribute to the meal by washing produce, cleaning off cans, setting the table, folding napkins, deciding which plates to use, garnishing the dishes, clearing the table and tasting each dish to decide if it needs additional seasoning.

Culinary Boutique offers a wide variety of cooking classes suitable for adults as well as children from any age, not to mention, that they host special events that range from child's birthdays to corporate team building events. To find out more about these fun and interactive events and classes, please visit

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