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No matter how much we love a home-grown concept there are also certain brands that we love and miss from home when we move overseas. For British expats, or those of us who have lived in the UK for any significant period of time, one such brand is Wagamama. We love it for a quick work lunch with colleagues, a romantic take-away meal for two or a social get-together with friends over soba noodles and gyozas. Lucky for us, this is one export that has made its way to Dubai.


Wagamama UAE today has four restaurants scattered across Dubai, including The Greens, Crowne Plaza Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Fattan tower in JBR and The Palm Jumeirah. A little while back, our friends over at Wagamama very kindly invited the CitiSpi team for a night out at the Palm Jumeirah branch, which is conveniently located inside the Golden Mile mall with easy access underground parking.


We were invited to take a seat at the Chef’s table, which is close enough to the open kitchen for you to wink at the chefs and feel the heat of the wok as the flames push up from underneath. As always with big groups, we all arrived at different times, so the waiter ensured we were treated to a cup of green tea – which is complimentary upon arrival for all guests – as well as steamed edamame with sea salt. Once all of us were seated we shared a selection of steamed buns with mixed mushroom and Korean BBQ beef, and gyozas. For our mains we got a tad greedier and order individual portions of teriyaki donburi, yaki soba, katsu curry and ramen. Needless to say, there was food envy all around so we ended up swapping forks (yes, we all failed the chop sticks miserably!) around the table so that we could all savor the wide variety of fantastic flavours, spices and textures on offer. All in all, we enjoyed a fantastic evening with friendly and knowledgeable service, delicious food and a surprise visit from the cheerful Chef Jijo.


The people behind Wagamama, along with all of their team members, all believe in the philosophy of ‘kaizen’, which means 'good change'. So what does this actually mean to the regular Joe punter? Firstly, it means that each venue and its staff have an open mind when it comes to feedback and areas of improvement. They always seem to be thinking about how they can make the customer experience even better than the last time. They are keen to know what your thoughts are and what you liked or didn’t like about your visit.



Secondly, Wagamama often develop their menu and come up with new and exciting dishes and quirky layouts, such as the recent ‘make-your-own’ section that allows guests to custom build their own dish by choosing from a variety of different style noodles, sauces, meat/veg and condiments. The new menu layout also includes some very nifty educational sections telling you about the otherwise confusing Japanese names of dishes and types of noodles.

wagamama-1-450x300 beef.jpg

The different branches cater for both family-friendly get-togethers, such as the recent kids’ cooking class hosted by CitiSpi, as well as adult dinner dates (both the Crowne Plaza and JBR branch serve stiff drinks!). And there is always something new to taste and try, so keep an open mind for recommendations from their super friendly staff and creative team of chefs.


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