A detox in Dubai – the best from Dubai’s spas and gyms

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016! I’m sure we’re not alone in waking up this week with bloated tummies, slow motor skills, puffy eyes, and that bleurgh feeling – and the weather certainly hasn’t helped either!

Unfortunately this is the result of a fantastically indulgent Christmas and a well-celebrated New Year! However, now it’s back to work, back to routine and time to start as you mean to go on, giving those resolutions a good kick start to keep them going all year.

With the right detox program, you can easily and effectively get rid of all those harmful toxins in your body, get a fresh, positive perspective, glowing confidence, and generally feel better about yourself and your body to start 2016 in great shape and health. 

We’ve been doing our research and have summarized the best advice we could find:

1. Eat Right

As the New Year has started, we’ve been bombarded by lots of advertising for gimmicks, supplements and fad diets that promise the ballet booty, endless energy and gorgeous body we desire. However, we all know that great health depends on what you eat and there is no miracle shortcut. It’s really quite simple – we need to focus on nutrient-dense, clean, living vegetables and fruits. This can be limited to fruits and vegetables as part of juice cleanse (where you live for 1, 3 or 5 days on high quality, non–pasteurized organic fruit and vegetable juices) which floods cells with nourishing oxygen and micro-nutrients and gives the digestive system an opportunity to reboot and flush out unwanted toxins. This doesn’t just have to be in a juice format though, you can go raw vegan, which is usually whole and unprocessed plant foods not heated over 104-118 F degrees. Dubai-based companies Essentially, Detox Delight, Go Organic and Wild & The Moon offer detox juice cleanse packages delivered to your door.

Otherwise a sensible, low fat diet, with natural (organic where possible) ingredients should be all your body needs. To cut the bloat and get fast results, cut out carbohydrates, sugar and dairy, depending on what you prefer.

2. Get yourself to the spa

No honestly! Every detox should involve spa treatments. The nutritional cleanse will purity your body from the inside to the outside. However, you also have an opportunity to enhance the effects and help the process along by undergoing spa, massage, and exercise treatments. A facial and manicure will, in addition, complement your regular cleansing lifestyle and exercise regimen. Check out our Facebook page and Pinterest leisure & beauty board to see January’s top spa deals around Dubai.

3. Get to the gym

Ok, maybe we should be swapping point 2 and point 3 in terms of importance, but hey, we’re only just back into routine! As with eating healthy food, we all know that the only way to burn fat and keep it off is through exercise. The great thing with exercise is that it’s addictive too, once you start, the feel-good pheromones keep bringing you back for more! To help you from the couch to the treadmill, we’ve been compiling some great gym and pool deals around Dubai on our social media channels – the thought of doing a workout is so much more inviting when there’s a sun lounger at the end of it!

3. Review your products

 If you’re looking to remove all the toxins you accumulated during the holiday, why ruin it by using toxic beauty products? Most spas and stores around Dubai can offer organic products that are simple, natural and singular (ie one ingredient, such as coconut oil, which has many uses). 

 Hopefully now you’ve finished reading this, you’re feeling motivated as motivated as we are, and once the rain clears and the sun shines, our lovely idyllic surroundings as well as the multitude of experienced spa therapists, fitness professionals and nutritionists in Dubai will give us the final push we need to get out there and make it happen!

Enjoy the New Year, and be all you can be!



As always we do not undertake sponsored posts, just our advice from us to you!