Our first blog....

As this is our first blog I think we should keep it simple and tell you a little bit about CitiSpi. The blog, the CitiSpi website, our meet ups and our social media feed have been growing organically every day since February 2014. I started sharing food and drink promotions with friends on Facebook and they loved it, so I opened up my findings to Dubai in September 2014 and they loved it too.  Where we are today is a long way from where we were in September 2014, we have been undertaking a lot of market research involving coffee, green tea and grape, as well as sampling the promotions happening around Dubai.

I have slowly been growing the network of contacts to make sure we provide up to date and pertinent information for our followers and we are proud to say as of this week, we have over 400 followers on Twitter, 200 on Instagram and over 1,800 on Facebook all organically grown by word of mouth from people that like what we do and we hope you like it too. 

Our Meet Ups, now to be renamed CitiSpi Socials, were born out of listening to our followers, they were looking for excuses to enjoy the promotions which were on our Facebook page as well as meeting new people. Our first Meet Up was held in October 2014 and we started small with a handful of people attending, now they are going from strength to strength. We trailed daytime events before the Summer this year and they also proved popular. We are looking to reintroduce them again alongside prepaid events at the end of September and our Meet Up group now extends to over 200 people.

All of this was born from an idea due to the necessity of going from two salaries to one in the household, being fed up with receiving numerous voucher emails or having to pay for vouchers, but still wanted to enjoy the great city that is Dubai.

There has been some interesting moments for sure and we have had to change our name from Desert Comber to CitiSpi 'no we aren't in a coma we don't need hospital assistance', but there you go.

I have learnt all things PR, marketing and social media having had no experience previously. Learnt all things website and email, I can now, in less that 5 minutes, set up a new email address with its own domain on a multitude of devices - the first time it took me 24 hours and lots of time on the end of a telephone calling help desks! 

Events have been a learning curve - some events only one person has turned up, we have also had events with over 200 people saying they would attend and only 40 doing so. I have made new friends and met some great people. 

More recently I have been learning about apps as we are designing a great tool that will enable you to socialise smarter, so that all of the great offers I share on our social media feed will be in one place - your phone. 

So that's a little bit about me and where we are going, we hope you enjoy the journey with CitiSpi and that we enable you to be smart with your socialising.

Signing off, Hannah MacDonald - Founder