We are now in October so that means it's time to hit the beach....

Summer is over and its time to hit the beach, but are our bodies beach ready? Everywhere else in the world you cosy in and batten down the hatches to keep warm, here it's the reverse and we need to keep cool. We can go to extremes on this and hit Ski Dubai or any of the cinemas with their freezing a/c, or you hit the gym to keep yourself moving, but everyone loves a box set in the Summer, what was yours? The CS team have had a few great ones and a few that only lasted the pilot episode, our recent fave is Humans by Channel 4, UK, or House of Cards (S3) by HBO, USA, and there are always mixed comments on Breaking Bad - we have come to the conclusion its a love/hate thing. However, everyone loves Great British Bake Off, GBBO, the girls tune in and the boys say they don't like it but similarly to Downton Abbey, the boys watch from behind their tablet, paper or book and then start commenting and rooting for their favourites. 

In an attempt to get our bodies back on form and beach ready we have been enjoying a few spa promotions as well as assessing where our beach hang outs will be this winter. Our particular favourite spa escape is Lime Spa at Dubai Desert Palm Retreat, it feels like you are a million miles away, and we do love their heated seats in the relaxation rooms afterwards - who wouldn't. Currently they are offering free back massages with facials so it would be rude not to go.

Another way to feel a million miles away and go for a daycation is to take a drive to Jebel Ali Beach Hotel, so many people drive past it and shoot down to Abu Dhabi, but we would recommend that you drive in. The gardens and beach are extensive and there are oodles of sports activities to keep the small and big humans happy, or you can just lounge, no pressure. Beach pass through the week is AED180 Weekends are AED250 without lunch, AED375 including the scrumptious buffet. Under 4 years are free, 5-12 years old are half price.

Have a great week, it's now time to get out there and enjoy the weather!

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